Facilities and Manufacturing Capability

FacilitiesOptical Physics Company (OPC) facilities include 12,770 sq. ft. of office, laboratory and manufacturing space in Simi Valley, California, 40 miles north west of Los Angeles.

Of this, 7,330 sq. ft. is office space for OPC’s employees. Individual personal computers and workstations are networked to a server incorporating the latest state-of-the-art in intelligent layered security. In addition to the standard Microsoft Office tools, a number of optical, mechanical design software tools such as ZEMAX and SolidWorks, as well as general numerical computing and data visualization tools, such as MathCad and MATLAB are installed on the computer systems.

The remaining 5,440 sq. ft. is laboratory and manufacturing space, compartmentalized into five optical labs, a manufacturing lab, a metrology lab, an electronics assembly area, a model shop for making small parts, a cleaning area with an assembly bench, a laminar flow bench, thermo-vac unit and a shaker table, and a Class 10,000 cleanroom/vestibule with a Class 1,000 acrylic portable cleanroom within it.

The laboratory and manufacturing facilities give OPC the capability to design, test, and assemble products that require a cleanroom environment conforming to flight standards and specifications. Electronic assembly benches allow for quick assembly of prototype electronics. LabVIEW tools are installed on many laboratory computers for automated data acquisition from instruments and cameras.

Research Labs & Manufacturing Space

  • Five optical labs
  • Manufacturing lab
  • Metrology  lab
  • Model shop
  • Work benches for assembly
  • Class 10,000 cleanroom/vestibule
  • Class 1,000 portable acrylic cleanroom
  • Cleaning area with:
    • Laminar flow bench
    • Thermo-vac unit
    • Shaker table