About Us

Company Information and History

Optical Physics Company (OPC) is a privately held corporation with 17 employees located in facilities occupying 12,770 sq. ft. in Simi Valley, California (40 miles north west of Los Angeles).

OPC began in 1997 providing analysis, simulation and innovative design to major aerospace primes such as TRW and Boeing.  Since then, OPC has been investing heavily in its own R&D. As a result, the company now has a large portfolio of unique technologies.

OPC has delivered military sensors since 2000.  Our first significant hardware program was the 2.4 m aperture, 4 KHz wavefront sensor delivered to ITT-Rochester (former Kodak) on-time, firm fixed price. With λ/4000 rms accuracy at its 4 KHz frame rate, it allows precision testing of space optical systems prior to launch. The system continues to be used and has been called a national asset. This system was manufactured with ISO9001-compliant processes including full parts tracking and witnessed acceptance testing.

OPC’s highly skilled personnel take systems from concept to deployment:

  • The process starts with the formulation of a concept and matures through effective use of analytical and simulation models and laboratory demonstrations that prove feasibility.
  • Data from controlled laboratory experiments are reconciled with these analytical formulations, which reduces risk and increases the confidence in performance estimates.
  • The next stage is usually a field experiment which often brings the concept to a technical maturity of TRL 5.
  • This is followed by a TRL 6 system-level demonstration showing how the component actually performs as part of a system in a relevant environment.
  • OPC also has experience in flight fabrication to advance airborne sensors and systems to TRL 6.
  • All OPC processes are AS9100C compliant.


The OPC Mosaic

OPC has built a unique technology portfolio based on its core invention, analysis and simulation expertise in precision optics.

OPCI Mossaic