Emerging OPC Star Tracker Product Lines

Optical Physics Company is applying its interferometric star tracker technology to creating several product lines. Two of these are shown below. Please contact us by email for more details.

Star Tracker

Interferometric Tracker
The interferometric front end optics is the key enabler for OPC star tracker products’ accuracy performance.

Star Tracker

Visible band (CMOS) Star Trackers for Spacecraft

Parameter Prototype Performance Target
Accuracy 0.0004º (SNR limit)
0.002º (Power Limited mode)
Max Slew Rate 5º/s
Update Rate 2 Hz
Size 5 x 5 x 10 cm
Mass 200 g + electronics
Power 2 W (@0.002º with respun boards)
Interface SPA
Operating Temp -30 to +55C (sensor)
Survival Temp -30 to +55 C (sensor)
Radiation 300 kRad (sensor)
Lifetime 2 yrs

Detected Star Positions

Star Tracker

High-accuracy SWIR Band Star Tracker
for Day/Night Celestial Navigation

  • OPC is building an SWIR band star tracker under a Navy Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) contract
  • The SWIR tracker will be coupled to inertial measurement sensors
  • It features a superb sensitivity to register stars day and night from airborne platforms

Want to Know More?
We are unable to share further details online. For more information, please contact us via email.